Investment Leadership, LLC. was founded by Gerry Swienton.

The industry changed during his 25 years of service with a large investment firm and its predecessors in Lynchburg, VA.  While grateful for his many years of employment, Mr. Swienton felt there was a better way to serve clients.

The first written notes for the concept of Investment Leadership, LLC are from 2009.  The marketing research began with a straight forward question: “What should the ideal investment firm do for you?”  

The answers from people he interacted with in different parts of the nation became the foundation of the service, investment, and financial planning model for Investment Leadership, LLC.

The concerns supported the trend that market share from the large wirehouses has been declining while the market share for Registered Investment Advisors has been increasing.

“Everybody wants what everybody wants and nobody wants what nobody wants” – Barbara Corcoran

Mr. Swienton analyzed the trends of the “full service” firms, discount firms, and Registered Investment Advisors.  This inspired Mr. Swienton’s creation of Investment Leadership, LLC.; a firm that could provide clients with the help and answers they really need, bridging the gap between people’s day to day concerns and realistic financial solutions.
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